WHY USE MOJET? Discover the MoJet®

We have reimagined the humble jet fan, and remoulded it into a modern shape that is aerodynamic and efficient. In doing so, we have created a new type of machine that delivers more thrust without requiring any additional power. Click on the “hot points” below to discover the secrets of what makes the MoJet® work.

MoJet Fan Cut-out
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Flow Arrows - MoJet
Flow Arrows - MoJet

The bellmouth deflects the discharge flow away from the tunnel surfaces, reducing the Coanda effect and hence avoiding the loss of thrust due to aerodynamic friction.

A reversible airflow direction is available by changing the direction of rotation of the rotor.

The swirl induced by the rotor is retained at the discharge, permitting rapid mixing of the jet and reducing the length of the jet throw.

The inlet bellmouth is tilted away from the bounding tunnel surfaces, hence reducing their confining effects and increasing the mass flow through the MoJet®.

The circular bellmouth has an area greater than that of the fan, leading to a lower discharge velocity, reduced discharge pressure drop, increased mass flow, greater static pressure recovery and less aerodynamic shear on tunnel surfaces.

Any length of silencer can be specified, depending on acoustic requirements.

Any length of silencer can be specified, depending on acoustic requirements.

The inlet bellmouth smoothly guides the flow into the silencer, avoiding any flow separation. The inlet pressure drop is reduced by having a circular bellmouth that has a larger area than the fan, and this leads to a higher mass flow.

How the MoJet® works

The MoJet® works by harnessing five beneficial effects into one aerodynamic device.