Arched Tunnel Soffits Added to Jet Fan Calculation Tool

We have added arched tunnel soffits to our jet fan installation factor calculation tool, based on over 1,000 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, as verified by full-scale tunnel tests. Our tool includes a comparison of the performance of MoJets and conventional jet fans, as explained in our published paper. In practice, jet fans installed under arched tunnel soffits have a performance that is in-between those of flat soffits and corners. Our online tool enables designers and others to quickly evaluate the potential performance of jet fans, as a prelude to detailed design. Please contact us for further information.


Benefits of using the MoJet®

Reduced number of jet fans

Reduced power consumption

Reduced cabling costs

Find out more about how the MoJet® can benefit your tunnel

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