MoJet® profiled by Ansys

The MoJet® has been profiled as a case study by the leading provider of CFD software, Ansys. Using Ansys CFD tools, Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent, MoJet Ventilation can simulate the performance of the MoJet® both in the factory during bench thrust tests, which are crucial steps for factory certification, and when installed in the actual tunnel environment. The airflow modelling capability within Ansys CFD tools means that MoJet Ventilation is able to test the entire flow domain, including the tunnel and the rotating blades mounted on the rotor, to ensure that each MoJet® is suitable for the specific job requirements. The case study is available to read here.


Benefits of using the MoJet®

Reduced number of jet fans

Reduced power consumption

Reduced cabling costs

Find out more about how the MoJet® can benefit your tunnel

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